Women’s Perfume: Acte 2 Perfume by Escada

Women's Perfume: Acte 2 Perfume by Escada

Acte 2 Perfume by Escada for women.

Acte 2 was created by Escada in 1995. This feminine scent contains a blend of rose, amber, tangerine and soft powdery flowers. Accompanied by water notes of the fresh cool sea, and the pure ocean air. The Acte 2 Perfume is recommended for daytime wear.

This fragrance left such an impression on me, that I’ve searched it out for my wife… I’m not kidding, something about it makes me want to be all over her like a crazed tiger. The only other fragrance that she has that does this is Guerlain’s L’Heure Bleue. The rest of hers get the typical male response of “Yes, I guess it’s nice…” Acte 2 turns off my brain and turns on my passion. Funny how that can happen and she uses it to her advantage!

Review by Jim

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